Book your park and your transfer to Venice
From 13,00 euro

Why choose Terminal Fusina?

Leaving your car at Terminal Fusina is not only the most economical solution, but it is also the most comfortable and the most exciting.
With Terminal Fusina you can arrive in Venice by ferry, crossing the south lagoon, and get off in the city centre, only fifteen minutes walk from Saint Mark's Square, or in Lido Alberoni.
This is the first real excursion in the lagoon, but we have many others to offer to you every day.

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Lizza Fusina (290-340 pax)

The latest motorboat acquired by Terminal Fusina Venezia.

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Fusina2000 (249-289 pax)

Big panoramic motorboat on two decks, a covered and an uncovered one.

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News and Events


SATURDAY, JUNE 11, don't miss the first official date of VENICE BOAT PARTY- Boat Parties; Music a

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Excursion to the islands

Organize your excursion to one of the islands of Venice lagoon.

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